Dr. Komrad is available for consultations with families

who are struggling with a troubled family member

Dr. Komrad is available by phone or in-person to hear about the situation, the efforts that you or your family has made to help a troubled loved-one, and to offer additional ideas about how to proceed. He can help  individuals and families understand some general principles about mental illness, helping them brainstorm approaches to their relative, and determine how to better utilize their family and professional resources.  The goal may be to get a troubled person into state-of-the-art mental health treatment, or to optimize a treatment situation that is already established.  His methods deploy many of the principles outlined in the book. Dr. Komrad can help you identify and  mobilize local resources and work optimally with those resources and allies, or suggest additional resources that may not be local. If the troubled person is not in treatment, he can advise how that might be accomplished. If the person of concern is currently in treatment, he can advise you how to best communicate with the current treating professionals and ask appropriate questions. Dr. Komrad can also suggest ways to work around blocks that patients sometimes put-up, forbidding their treaters to communicate with their families and other allies. 

Such consultations are "educational,” for the purpose of generating ideas and options that may not have been considered. Dr. Komrad can neither diagnose nor treat people over the phone, or Skype, etc. Diagnosis and treatment can only be done in-person, and must be in his Baltimore office, as he is licensed to practice medicine in Maryland only. Of course, no particular outcome from such a consultation is guaranteed.

A professional fee will apply to a consultation.

[As this is an educational conversation and not clinical evaluation, diagnosis or treatment, this fee is probably not reimbursable by medical insurance.]